The Pavilion Energy group of companies complies with all regulatory and licensing obligations as required to operate within the locations where we are active; these include registration and authorisation from the relevant energy authorities held by our individual operating subsidiaries. 

We note that neither Pavilion Energy Trading and Supply Pte. Ltd, nor any other companies within the Pavilion Energy group, holds a licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (or equivalent financial services licence from a similar competent authority in any other jurisdiction, including MIFID II authorisation in Europe) to provide financial, trading or investment advice or services. As such, where we trade in financial hedging products we do so as your client or as your counterparty and we do not, nor are we authorised to, provide any service, express any opinions, recommendations or provide any advice. If you ultimately decide to enter into a transaction with us, you represent you have made your own independent decision to enter into such transaction, as to whether it is appropriate or proper for you based upon your own judgment.