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Spot LNG Sales Rising as Buyers Reduce Long-Term Deals: Pavilion

9 September 2015

Singapore (Bloomberg)

(Bloomberg) – LNG spot market now represents 27% of global sales as buyers signing fewer long-term, large-volume contracts, according to Pavilion Energy.

Global LNG supply expected to rise by 13m mt/yr in 2015 with four new liquefaction plants in Australia and Sabine Pass in U.S. coming onstream, says Group CEO Seah Moon Ming at a Singapore conference.

  • U.S., Australia will provide 39% of global supply by 2020
  • China’s “over-aggressive” hikes in industrial gas prices and slowing economic growth led to weaker demand
  • Demand growth in South Korea, Japan “somewhat slowed” as they focus on renewable, clean coal, nuclear energy
  • Long-term view still positive for LNG demand 
  • 29 countries importing LNG now from 15 nations 10 yrs ago
  • 54 new terminals to be built by 2020, of which 27 have already received approval or are under construction
  • In next 5 yrs, ~150 new LNG carriers will be built, bring world total to ~555
  • Co. in JV with BW Group; JV now owns 3 LNG ships
  • Co. supplies gas to >30% of industrial users in Singapore


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